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FMS Sports

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Stephanie Strahan

For questions or concerns about the FMS athletic program, please contact Principal Lewis at

Data about athletics at Fortuna Middle School (Ed Code 221.9)

  • FMS's enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year: 234 students, 114 girls and 120 boys

The number of pupils enrolled at the school who participated in competitive athletics, classified by gender.

  • 7th & 8th Grade Boys Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Cheer
  • 7th & 8th Grade Girls Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Volleyball, Cheer

Fortuna Middle School offers a variety of sports on campus for students. Sports on our campus are very important. We want to provide a safe, fun environment for kids to learn new skills and be active. We ask that all participants be appropriate at practices and games and remind audience members and coaches that they, too, are a reflection of our school. Students are expected to travel to and from all activities with their parents/guardians or based on parents/guardian’s travel arrangements. The District is NOT responsible for transporting your student to and from sporting events. Please see the current FMS Athletic Handbook or contact the Fortuna Middle School for more information. Coaches will be hired each year, with priority given to Fortuna Middle School Staff Members. If you are interested in coaching, please email Principal Saul Lewis at Coaches are responsible for filling out the appropriate paperwork at the Fortuna Elementary School District Office. Positions will be posted, and final decisions on coaches will be made by the Athletic Director, Principal, and the District.

Students must have a yearly physical in order to participate in school sports. Students may NOT try out or participate if they do not have an updated physical form on file and a signed FMS Athletic Handbook form in the office. Copies can be obtained each year from the Fortuna Middle School Office, on the website, or from the Athletic Director. Students will not be permitted to try out or participate without these on file.

We believe that athletics is an integral part of the overall school program. Not only do athletics promote physical wellness, but they also build character and the ability to work with others cooperatively.

Our goal at Fortuna Middle School is to provide a quality athletic program that will do the following:

  • Provide a safe and fun place for athletes to learn

  • Teach sound fundamental skills

  • Encourage players to always give their best

  • Promote a winning attitude and emphasize sportsmanship

While we would love for all students to make a team, that is not always possible due to limited space. In addition, parents and students must understand that middle school athletics are pretty competitive, which means not all players will receive equal playing time. Each athletic team is responsible for holding at least one fundraiser per year in order to participate in tournaments etc., so please plan to participate in some way. Should you have any issues, please talk respectfully with the coach and the Athletic Director about your concerns. We want everyone to have a great experience.